living room

living4Deciding what color to paint the lounge is very difficult as there are thousand of different colors in a variety of different shades. The choices are overwhelming, and the decision is made even harder by the fact that trends for wall colors change rapidly and without notice. As such, it is difficult to make this decision. There are, however, a few different things to keep in mind when choosing a color which make the decision much easier.

First things first, one must keep in mind that the lounge is the room where people spend a great amount of time. It is a relaxed room that is not too overdone, rather kept relatively simple to maintain comfortable. The color on the walls of this room should match this “everyday” style. As such, a very bright or intense color is usually not the way to go. While these colors do make a bold statement, spending hours every day in such a room can become annoying quite fast. Thus, it is usually recommended that the lounge be painted a more sober, less saturated color. Lighter hues, pastels, and shades of beige are generally better choices for the color of the lounge.living3

When repainting the lounge, the new color of the walls should match or compliment the color of the furniture in the room. If all the furniture in the room is, for example, red, then green walls may look a little tacky. It may look as though a random color was placed on the wall, or it may look as though random pieces of furniture were purchased without any consideration for how they look together. If most of the furniture is in warm colors, meaning shades of red, orange, or brown, then walls should be painted with warm colors as well, for example pastel pink or pale yellow. The same goes for cool colors as well. That is not to say that contrasting colors should never be attempted; if done right, they can make a room look both edgy and sophisticated at the same time. However, this is much more difficult and requires very careful planning, and should only be attempted by more experienced interior decor specialists.

Finally, one must also take into account the way the different colors on the walls make one feel. For example, blue walls are often optimal for productivity, while pale purple or lavender walls are more soothing and relaxing. It is important to keep in mind the way the walls’ color will make people feel, and choose a color depending on how people should be feeling in the room. A lounge should be relaxing and calm, which are moods that are often supported by lavender, pink, and green walls. living
There are many factors to consider when deciding what color to paint the lounge. If the above tips are kept in mind, then the best decision can be made so that the lounge looks and feels exactly how one wants it to look and feel. It may be a difficult decision, but it is an important one!