Why Hire a Pro to Install Your Furnace

We all know how important a furnace is to a home. Undoubtedly, no one would ever like to get caught up in a cold winter night with a furnace that does not emit heat at all. Or even when a furnace emits heat but is not just enough to make you warm will inevitably cause sleepless nights during the winter season.

There are other signs that will let you know that your furnace is going to breakdown anytime.  You must be freaking nervous when your furnace produces a fuel-like smell because you might feel that you can explode anytime. Your agitation will surely double up when you can hear noises from your furnace. These natural reactions are reasonable because we all know the potential damage that a furnace accident can cause.


Gas and Electricity Are Highly Dangerous


We all know the potential hazard gas and electricity can cause. Within a flick of a finger, a whole house can be going down in flames with a gas leak or faulty electrical wirings. Of course, we don’t like our lives and those of our loved ones to be imperiled. And our belongings too, a fire hazard can leave us with nothing at an instant.

In the US, the yearly 51,000 incidences of electrical fires involving residential homes caused an average of 500 deaths, 1500 injuries, and loss of 1.3 billion dollars of properties. While there is no data showing what percentage originated from furnaces, its potential as a fire hazard is absolutely high.

A malfunctioning gas furnace cannot only set a house on fire. Leaks in your gas furnace can lead to carbon dioxide poisoning, which can result in some serious health conditions. If you are thinking that a DIY installation of your furnace can save you some money, opting for it is a very costly and dangerous decision you can ever make in your life.

It Involves Expertise

It is a very dangerous decision to install your own furnace in your home. Installation, as provided by state laws, should be installed by licensed HVAC contractors. Because the process needs considerable expertise on not just electrical and metal sheath work, a professional with a wide knowledge of many aspects of construction such as plumbing and ductwork is definitely required.


Preparing the area where to install a furnace is also an important aspect of the job. You may not know it, but when the area is not properly prepared, it can be the cause of some issues in the future. A contractor will see to it that the area has zero-flammability and has no undesirable components that can damage the equipment in time.

Knows the Brand Well

A furnace malfunction does not only originate from erroneous installation but also inferior quality brands and wrong interpretation of product instructions. A professional HVAC contractor knows the leading brands and is highly capable of interpreting product instructions.…