Questions to Ask Before Purchasing a Vacuum Cleaner

An effective vacuum cleaner is a vital part of an allergy-free environment. As the dust has been the leading cause of asthma and allergy, it is crucial to keep the surrounding free from dust. Some people may argue that the idea of creating a dust-free environment is impossible since the substances are so tiny that it can easily be blown away by the wind. However, if one of your family members suffers from a severe allergy, cleaning the house regularly with the right vacuum cleaner is the least that you can do. Therefore, choosing the suitable device is vital since it deals a lot with how you will handle the allergens in your house. For that reason, below are several questions to ask before you purchase the device.

What Kind of Power Do You Need?

a round robotic vacuum cleanerThe first question should cover the need for machine capacity depending on how large your house is. If you live in a rather small apartment, you may not need a full-sized device. A medium-sized upright cleaner should be enough to keep dust away from your house. However, if you live in a big house that needs extra effort to clean all the corners, a full-sized canister device is what you need. The model is especially useful to work on hard surfaces, such as wooden floor and ceramic tiles. The machine is also suitable to reach surfaces with deep pores, such as carpets.

Another way to measure a cleaning machine’s capacity is by looking at its sucking power. This feature is indicated by the air flow measurement that comes in the form of CFM or cubic per minute. Please note that the higher the CFM, the better the machine cleans the surfaces. For another tip to select the best cleaner for your house, a bunch of online references is available on the Internet.

What Kind of Filtration System Should You Use?

Another crucial thing to highlight is that a good vacuum cleaner should come with a filtration system to eliminate allergens. For that reason, the machine should feature HEPA filtration as it can fully remove the allergens from the dust and prevent it from escaping the dust bag as you use the tool to clean your house. The conventional machines that do not feature the filtration system can actually do the job of removing the dust. However, the allergens still can escape the dust bag even after the machine is turned off after cleaning. Thus, purchasing the machine with the filtration system is indeed advisable if one of the family members suffers from a severe allergy.…